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September 2020

Understanding the Government’s Response to COVID-19

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August 2020

The power of living benefits

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June 2020

Reviewing Your Old Life Insurance Policy. Why You Could Save Money On Your Premiums

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May 2020


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April 2020

Why Care about Long-Term Care Costs – and Why a Traditional LTC Policy May Not Be Best

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March 2020

Are You in Control of your Money?

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February 2020

TAKE BOLD ACTION to advance your business

As a business owner, your number one concern is growing your business. To that end, you face a great deal of financial decisions:

  • Are your key people happy or do you risk their departure to “greener fields”?
  • Will your business suffer if a key person dies or becomes disabled?
  • Do your rank-and-file employees have retirement options?
  • Do you want to step back from business one day, or retire altogether?
  • Is most of your personal wealth tied up in the business?
  • Who will take over when you no longer wish – or are no longer able – to run the operation?

This sheer number of decisions and their complexity can paralyze a business owner into non-action.

They distract you from effective management. You need solutions for complex business challenges.

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January 2020

Importance of Disability Insurance



December 2019

An Apples to Apples Comparison

Evaluating the Advantages of a Fixed Deferred Annuity and a Certificate of Deposit (CD)

Did You Know?

Not all retirement products are created equal. Before deciding which product may be best for you, it's important to know what you would like to accomplish in retirement.

CDs are often thought of as the only option to provide security and guaranteed growth. However, fixed deferred annuities offer security, guaranteed growth and tax benefits, making them another attractive option.

It's important to understand how both products work before making a decision about which is the best fit for you. Use the table on the other side to navigate the differences between fixed deferred annuities and CDs.